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Bridal Hair and Makeup NYC

Photo: Patricia Lyons

Setting a dress code for your guests helps create the atmosphere you’re hoping for on your wedding day, whether it’s a white tie affair or a more casual lunch on the lawn. What about the other people who will be at your wedding, the vendors? Can you decide how they’ll be dressed on your big day? Our experts weigh in.

Asking your vendors to don a particular outfit for your wedding is not an unusual request. In fact, vendors like your caterer (who are the most visible on your wedding day) may have a few options for you to choose from when it comes to the uniforms of your servers and bartenders. Hosting a more for formal wedding? You might ask servers to wear all black, or black slacks with crisp white shirts (vests or bow ties optional). Having a more relaxed celebration, or one with a specific theme? Colored ties or patterned shirts are a great option. If you’re going really casual, say at a ranch or barn, you might even ask the bartenders to wear denim, topped with a bistro apron (the longer version that doesn’t have a top portion). Keep in mind, though, that you may have to shell out extra if you’re hoping servers and bartenders will wear something other than their usual attire, whether it means buying 15 buffalo plaid shirts or renting burgundy ties.

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When it comes to someone like your planner, chances are they’ve got a uniform down pat (usually a black or dark-hued cocktail dress that they can easily move in but that won’t stand out too much in the crowd). If you’d like them to dress up even more, like in a floor-length gown, just ask.

Vendors who won’t be staying for the event, like the florist or baker, usually have a standard outfit they wear to every deliver, like jeans and a black polo with the company logo or a white chef’s coat. Professional and put-together, but casual enough to do heavy lifting.