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Why a Beauty Planning Session is Essential before Your Special Day

Beauty Planning Sessions for Bridals

We all want to look good on an average day, let alone one as momentous, special and let’s face it, photographically documented as the day of our wedding. Like a scout’s motto, the trick is in being prepared to look our best — and the most crucial component of that preparation is to schedule a beauty planning session with a bridal hair stylist and wedding makeup artists here in NYC weeks, or optimally months, before the big day.
At Prim n Perfect, as well as all other bridal hair and makeup shops in NYC worth their salt, we suggest that well before walking down the aisle you come and see us to help plan your bridal makeup, manicure/ pedicure, hair, facials, and other beauty miscellanea — so that you look fit and don’t get caught slipping by your paparazzi-like friends and family. The closer you get to the wedding, the more of your time will be occupied by things like dress fittings, venue planning, transportation, dealing with ceremonial details, party favors, travel, accommodations for the honeymoon, and all the various last minute crises that always seem to pop up when planning something important. By getting a solid jump on developing your own esthetics, it will be one less thing to worry about during those hectic, priority-juggling last moments.

There’s Enough Pressure on You Already

In addition to making crucial decisions about your look — such as natural vs. full covered makeup, hair and nail highlights, colors, and styles (as well as whether or not to cover up that possibly too-fierce tattoo) — with the pressure off rather than while there’s a million other decisions to deal with, gaining some extra time will provide the luxury of experimenting and playing around with ideas you might not have had the time to get to otherwise. Whether you’re normally pretty laid back about beauty products and services or you spend more time in the salon than Tabatha Coffey, you’ll want to get a jump start on giving your wedding day appearance the proper concern it deserves.
Giving yourself some extra breathing room during this very meaningful, transformative and extremely busy time will also allow you more moments to relax and appreciate its significance, allowing you to enjoy sharing this extraordinary occasion with your significant other — as well as all your loved ones and bestest buds — all the more.

More Time = Less Stress = More Flexibility = More Fun

As anyone who has tried to make Friday night plans with friends knows, sometimes you have to play things by ear and not be so rigid. Having the important stuff — including your wedding day beauty and style decisions — already handled allows you to act less like a stressed out bridezilla (No, not that!) and more like the happy, fun loving person you normally are. When those little mini disasters — including punctuality issues with your gang of BFFs and flakey family members — creep up you can simply shrug them off with a carefree smile of the cool, calm, and collected vision of poise you know you can be.

Bridal beauty Session

The Most Important Elements of Your Beauty Planning Session

  • Bridal Makeup and Hair Planning – Our top team of NYC’s best bridal hair stylists and wedding makeup artists can work with you to figure out the best bridal makeup for your special day, including makeup that fits your personal style, highlights your features, and is ready for both the night and the expected weather for that time of year.
  • Manicure and Pedicure Planning – From the colors you need to the style you prefer, we’ll help you to plan so that the color composition between your nails, dress, hair, and makeup all agree, allowing your entire wedding look to be put together and picture perfect.


  • Wedding Facials and Other Assorted Sundries – If there are any other services you or any member of the wedding party may need to feel more attractive and elegant for your nuptials; we’ll make sure to provide those as well. From wedding facials and skin treatments to tattoo cover-ups, our bridal team will plan perfect beauty sessions to achieve the ultimate look — whether for the bride or her bridesmaids.


  • Don’t forget the groom and groomsmen! – They are more than welcome to come in for facials, mani-pedis, hair, or anything else to make sure they look ruggedly handsome and ready to rock.

While you may be ready for a lifetime of commitment, make sure you’re also committed to being ready for your wedding day beauty routine — so that when that once in a lifetime moment comes, you’re not too busy worrying about how you look to have on your face what all brides should — a big glowing smile.